EAEE is a non-profit organization that is set up on a voluntarily and democratic basis by enterprises registered in Estonia that have a permit to conduct electrical works. EAEE was founded on 16 May 1995.

The objective of EAEE is to protect common interests of its member enterprises in vocational, technical and commercial issues on the field of electrical works and to ensure high professional level of its membership and the whole field of electrical works and constant development. EAEE is authorized to certify professions for electrical and automation works.

The work of EAEE is coordinated by the Management Board that has seven members.

EAEE has over 110 members with more than 6,000 employees. Total turnover of member enterprises amounts to over 80 percent of the whole volume of electrical works. By fields of activity, member enterprises represent designers, wholesale merchants, installation companies, manufacturing enterprises, technical universities and vocational schools.

The EAEE organizes yearly examinations for electricians and automators, and issues more than 300 professional certificates.

EAEE is member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Foreign partners of EAEE are the International Association of Electrical Contractors, Electrical Contractors Association of Finland STUL, associations and federations of electrical works in Nordic countries, Latvia LEVA Lithuania NETA and ETIM International.

The objective of EAEE is to reach a situation where membership in EAEE is a matter of honor for electrical contractors. The aim is to protect the common interests of its members and to promote the professional level and sustainable business environment of the electricity sector. Through its specialty, the business environment can be affected:

  •   Participate in law-making to improve the quality and safety of work
  •   Ensure fair competition
  •   Build partnerships with the customer
  •   Use the information shared by the Association to better orient the business environment
  •   Co-operate with other members of the Association
NB! Non member/partner consultation fee starting from 150€ per hour (VAT not included). Minimum fee 300€ + VAT.