ETIM Baltic

Conclusion of the ETIM Baltic agreement and start of joint activities

On 30 September 2021, an agreement was signed between EETEL and the Lithuanian sister association NETA, which expands the Estonian membership of ETIM operating at EETEL with members of the ETIM group operating at NETA. Thus, for joint activities, ETIM Estonia will be transformed into a broader ETIM Baltic, which is expected to be joined by the members of the Latvian sister association LEVA in the future. With a larger number of members, the costs associated with ETIM International membership per member company will decrease significantly. In the course of joint activities in the field of ETIM, co-operation between sellers of electrical goods in the Baltic States, as well as producers, both in the Baltic markets and more broadly, will be intensified. EETEL will remain the coordinator of ETIM Baltic’s financial activities, but the management and representation of ETIM Baltic’s activities at the general meeting of ETIM International will take place in two-year cycles, starting with EETEL. The agreement entered into force upon signature and will run from 2022

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